About us

HUAK - Croatian association of automat clubs was founded on April 18th, 2006 in Zagreb.
HUAK's headquarters are in Zagreb, Tkalciceva 16.

The association are:
- Zoran Dimov, president
- Zdravko Josic, vice-president
- Danko Vojnovic, secretary

Croatian association of automat clubs works in the Republic of Croatia, and in order to achieve the objectives, the association performs activities of monitoring work, solving specific problems faced by organizers of the games of chance at the automatic machine clubs, pointing members of the association to any irregularities and the demand for work in accordance with legal regulations and rules of the profession, the monitoring of state bodies and civil servants responsible for the machine clubs, and taking specific measures to point out any irregularities, proposing measures or legislative changes in accordance with the needs and rights and the provisions of the EU ... and other activities from the Statute, article 7.

1. Zoran Dimov
2. Zdravko Josic
3. Vladimir Pticar
4. Teomil Salinovic
5. Nevenko Turkovic

1. Dubravko Andrijevic
2. Mirzet Juszfagic
3. Darko Tudman

Special status in relation to the provisions of the Law on limiting the use of tobacco products - PRIORITY in HUAK's activities.
Members of HUAK are this way asked to obtain legislative solutions in other countries, especially EU countries, through their business contacts.
At this point, we possess a part of needed information, but any new arguments and ideas are more than welcome.